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Dídimo Grimaldo — FEB. 2022

Aspiring to finish my work of fiction but open for opportunities

Picture by author. Landing at MPMG.

I have been a fan of aviation since childhood. So there I am in the cockpit landing a Cessna 172! Well, not really, I was in the rear taking photos, but I do love aviation. The only planes I have flown were virtual airplanes. I booked many hours on the PC simulator and a few in static Boeing 737. No, I am not qualified to fly in real life. Since I am self-taught about aviation and navigation, I learned a lot about it; to make my simulations more realistic and amusing. I wrote extensively about aviation simulation in the past. Unfortunately, my simulation PC died years ago, and since then, I got grounded.

For your convenience, I divided this into sections. Nowadays, everybody suffers from a short attention span. In doing it, I hope you read more of this and skip as you like. After all, you want to know whether my eclectic writing style suits you.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Why do I exist? I know not, but there must be a purpose. Our earthly existence is like a botched trip to the forest. We must find our ways through many perils in hopes of finding our path.

There will be thunderstorms, and in those, we seek to survive. At any moment, the God up there may decide to strike us down with a clap of divine thunder. And there it is, life is over. It is inevitable. For some, this unfortunate certainty comes much too soon. The rest of us can still proudly say: “I reached X years of life.” But we know that in the end, death comes to us all.

For some adults, life becomes nothing more like a quest to scavenge as much as they can. They are like the real-life version of the Scrat character of the Ice Age movie. I fail to find meaning in amassing a fortune if you do nothing for the millions of beings living in poverty. I am neither rich nor poor.

I do not measure people by how much they possess; but rather by how much they have in their hearts, and the wisdom they share.

In this journey, I am still in the forest. At times, the path is visible. And then it isn’t. Every day, the sun goes to sleep on the edge of the horizon, where the rainbows disappear. And the darkness of the night engulfs us with zeal. There may be stars for our joy and dreams, perhaps a full moon to guide us further. And sometimes, nothing but impenetrable darkness. A glorious morning greets us eventually. Hopefully surrounded by those who we love. The cycle begins again, and we hope that, by piecewise refinement, we reach our goal before our time on earth expires.

If you want to know more about my writing journey, you can read a more detailed version of my About Me Story. I write because I find joy in it, not because I want to profit from writing nonsense. Obviously, if I can make some money in the process, the better. I am actually published in printed media. But I am still on my journey to finish my first work of fiction. In the meantime, I also find joy in writing non-fiction.

I like to share life experiences because, in doing so, I hope others learn from my mistakes. I also care for writing about injustice, of which there is plenty around us. Likewise, technology and travel are two of my other favorite subjects. I have written about travel and tourism since around 1997.

This is a small sample of what I have published here at Medium since July 2021.

You can also follow me and read some of my other articles at Vocal Media where I have been writing since January 2022. Affiliate link included, it does not cost you anything (extra).

I did a specialization in Creative Writing to refine my craft. That was a series of courses that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is complemented by travel experiences in 30+ countries and careful observation of living beings.

Occasionally, I produce tourism or technology-related videos for YouTube. I do some graphical work, presentation cards, photo restoration, logo design. Another great pastime is being the family’s genealogist through a lot of research.

I proofread works of fiction to provide valuable feedback to aspiring writers, but I am not an editor. I have also done technical translations in the past.

I am plotting several fiction stories to refine them over time. I have a couple in incomplete form.

I also design and develop software, but hope for a managerial position. Although, I must admit that, despite my engineering background, I prefer a new career in writing.

Of course! I am open to collaboration, please do fill the Contact Form.


Yesterday, February 15th 2022 I reached a Medium milestone: I reached my 100th Follower! I waited all day to catch #100 but when I came from the dinner table I had passed it! It could be Sharon Woodhouse, Jennifer Pierce or Erin M. In any case, my sincere thanks to these three female writers who I follow, for being there when I crossed this coveted threshold.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash



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Didimo Grimaldo

Engineer by birth with an inquisitive mind, driven by logic & feeling. Worked for high tech companies in USA/Europe. Privacy advocate, & Whatsapp dissident.